The Team

George Henne - President.

The front man for NSB. There are a great bunch of guys at NSB: his job is to listen to the users and help define what needs to be done next for both packaged apps and custom development for clients. George has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto: his first job was as a lecturer there. Passions are his kids, swimming and reading.

Prof. Marcus Darden - Senior Development Guru and Training.

Graduate of MIT and University of Michigan. Currently Computer Science Department at the University of Michigan. Marcus has been a key part of all of NSB's projects since 1997. He's also the sax player for Global Village.

James Kruth - Senior Developer and Training.

Degree in Computer Science and Math from Olivet College. James is responsible for most of the hard programming on NSB/AppStudio. James has also served as an adjunct professor at Olivet College since 2006 and has helped develop the curriculum there. He has many years of development experience in JavaScript, PHP, database and connectivity. He also plays most any instrument with strings, but mostly guitar and cello.

Tomo Arakawa - Designer.

Tomo brings his background as an architect, graphic designer and web developer together to create great looking, people friendly designs. Originally recruited as a translater for NSB in the late 90's, Tomo now has a degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto.

Dan Pronovost - Senior Developer, iOS projects.

Honours Bachelors of Mathematics from University of Waterloo. Dan relishes challenging projects and can be counted on to get them done on schedule. When Dan is not coding and the lakes are not frozen, you can find him out in the wilds of Ontario in his canoe.

John Wells - Senior Developer, Web Technologies.

Degree in Information Systems from University of Phoenix. Expert in all web technologies and programming languages. John specializes in the server and translation sections. In his spare time, he reads and plays guitar (something he wishes he could do better!)

Aya Alsayed - Translation, Testing.

Computer Engineering student at the University of Toronto with a special interest in Robotics. Responsible for translation and testing. In her spare time, enjoys reading, yoga, and trying out different cuisines!