The complete edition of the NSB/AppStudio development environment contains everything you need to create apps and download them to your mobile device. Reference documentation, samples and tutorials are also included.

Download AppStudio here:

Mac        - or -        Windows

Until you have a serial number, AppStudio will run in demo mode. The demo is the full version, with these restrictions:
  1. You can only deploy and run your apps from VoltServer.
  2. When using VoltBuilder, only debug Android apps can be built.
  3. You can't build desktop native apps.
  4. The demo will expire after 10 days.
  5. Classroom use is not permitted.

System Requirements: AppStudio requires the following:

  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.
  • Windows 10 or 11
  • Linux using Win4Lin or VMWare (Windows 64)