User Comments

These are unsolicited comments from people who have used NSB/AppStudio. The most recent comments are at the top of the file.

"10+ Excellent job!" -- Nedzad Demirovic

"I´m having a look over Appstudio, is impressive!!" -- Marcos Godoy

"so far it seems like an amazing product for those of us who are BASIC fans :-) I think the learning curve will be much shallower than starting from scratch with Objective-C. Thanks!" -- Nick Skol

"Basically, I am newbie, very new. I purposely purchased your software just to test it out. Conceptually, I think you are on the right path, I like it. Have been using LiveCode, but simply think that when they try to achieve everything, it is like many cooks spoiling the soup.

Thanks." -- Kelvin Chua

"Thanks - you guys are doing a great job!" -- Buck Taylor

"It is very easy to work with." -- Jae Lewis

"Using NS Basic and AppStudio was a pleasent experience." -- Alex Santos, Brazil

"Keep it coming, you guys created an awesome developing environment!" -- Ricardo Carraretto

"All is well with our implementation of nsBasic Studio.  Over the past 5 months we have been developing a Warehouse Management System (in use by 50+ warehouse personnel) on iPad minis. Great product. -- Malcolm Carter

"I am very pleased with Appstudio and the integration with Phonegap Build is awesome!" -- Kevin Preston

"We're very happy to be successfully creating apps with your program." -- Pedro Silva, Australia

"I've just completed a revamp and extension of our 2 webapps using V4.1 of NSBasic. I must complement you on your software. It's great to work with and gives me great control. Our clients are very happy with the end product." -- Barry Lynch

"For me is amazing. Btw. i was at a friend today and we try out NSBasic and MobiOne. The NSBasic apps runs faster than MobiOne amazing work you guys do. Thank you for your fast support on board. You guys do a fantastic work!" -- Andreas Klein, Germanys

"I just started with web development (after 25 years of Windows desktop) and can say that your program is really great. I got a simple app running on a Kindle in almost no time. In the weeks before I was struggling with so many tools, reading books, watching tutorials and barely achieved anything." -- Guenter Schramm, Germany

"I would tell you that the NSB App Studio is fulfilling everything I needed so far, I am very satisfied and happy with this fantastic tool, I studied java for a while and eventually decided to use the studio Nsb app and not regret. Thank you!" -- Luciano Marco, Italy

"This is the best tool for mobile development that I have seen especially supporting multiple development languages." -- Gregsie Leighton, Australia

"I've been looking other combinations of frameworks and IDEs and what I like about AppStudio is the way everything is integrated and easy to work. Besides that, there is the fact that you handle personally the requests on the Yahoo forum. No questions are left unanswered, even the stupid ones. Congratz and keep up with the excellent work!" -- Ricardo Carraretto

"your produt is simple, fun, seems to be very powerful (widgets + plugins + x-platform + ...) - like! Just wanted to tell you that I played around with AppStudio yesterday - just great! And fun! Too bad... my last app I had developed using an SDK called DragonfireSDK." -- Olaf Wolter, Germany

"Thank you for your response, and an absolutely wonderful product you have built. To say that you have saved me so much time in development would be an understatement. I have recommended your product to many, many people." -- Rod Dolen

"You guys have done a great job already. I just wish I had a quarter of the talent you and your team have!" -- Gareth Lloyds

"We are evaluating nsb studio 4 (we have already purchased v3) for a project that we have been assigned by a client. Nsb studio looks very promising, it's a very robust solution. Congratulations, carry on with the good work!" -- Tasos Vlachopoulos

"Great job on this update." -- John Kane

"Thks for a great programming tool!" -- Thomas Datateknik, Sweden

"I've been playing with this thing for just a few minutes and if I was wearing a hat - I'd take it off! You guys sure haven't been sitting around drinking beer . the difference in your IDE performance is simply amazing. Nice, nice work! From one developer to another I must say I'm impressed. I've only been toying with the idea of developing mobile but this really encourages me to look into it further. Sweet job guys!" -- Bruce Roeser

"I'm on AppStudio V4 and must congratulate George and the team for their great work on this release." -- Martin Topping, England

"Just love it! Took me two days to complete my target app...a lot quicker than getting a mini-Mac, running Objective-C and throwing away 20 years of VB programming mindset." -- Tim Rose

"New design is the bomb! Speechless.." -- Anele Mbanga, South Africa

"I am definitely going to continue working with NSBasic on this project and accordingly purchased the premium support because it truly is amazing" -- Ken Myers

"So far, love it. Much better than Xamarin for my use." -- Dean Sullinger

"It's awesome how fast I get started to deploy. I'll keep testing the studio. Thanks :)" -- A. Orrala

"i have tried out the AppStudio and im impressed with the effort taken to make it such a user friendly app builder, i am enjoying its capabilities and functionality. i have managed to create an app that fills a space in our business in the early hours of this morning that i had to submit this morning so i am really amazed with the capabilities that NS Basic App Studio has brought to the table. If i need any help what so ever i will not be shy to tell you. oh and thank you for the email the support structure that is offered is incredible and consistent." -- Andrea Mabena, Africa

"I am testing my app on different systems: GB32, VB, LibertyBasic.They cannot beat NSB. I like best that it is easy to code things to be done, such as showing a pictureor a sound in the app. (I could provide pieces of code to compare with othersystems)Not to mention the rediculous overhead VB is generating. Other systems cannot keep abreast, for example GB32 is not really offeringevent-driven abilities. Such systems really suffer from growing old. I like also like easy testing. Compare it with a comparable system.To get that running is a nightmare. You are even requested to downloadother software!" -- FJ Meijer, Phillipines

"I have only just started digging into NS AppStudio and it looks very good for an old VB and VBA lag like me. I have been learning JS and JQuery while playing with MobiOne for a week but it is painful and I find the IDE a bit sluggish. My first impressions are very good. At this stage, AppStudio's neatest features are the nimble IDE, flexibility to mix JS with BASIC and the speed of previewing when hacking around to try things out." -- John Crockery

"Yesterday I was testing nsbasic, it works great! I was used to develop my own apps in VB and actually I'd like to do the same using a language I already know since for me it's much easier. I think NSBasic does exactly what I want! Also you're offering a lot of help and resources." -- Salvado Sole

"Great product, but what makes it so different is the team behind it." -- John Rappa

"My senior director was so impressed with my completed app that he is buying my a laptop and 4G card so I don't have to work at home on it anymore." -- James Hefner

"Amazing progress, I'm impressed. All done with a very usable, impressive actually, demo. Way better than using Blueprint mockup as this is functional. Have Siri performing voice data entry. (Can't believe this is going so fast!) This is exactly what I need for rapid prototyping. -- Bob Smith

"I tried my 1st mobileapp by navigation of forms and I succeeded and loaded in my mobile(android) Its really a great tool and as easy as VB6." -- Srusvin Loka

"As a VB developer going back 20 years (I started out with VB 2.0), there was a little bit of a learning curve moving up to NSB/AppStudio. But, I am seeing results that I am excited about; especially the cross-platform and SQLite capabilities of this product" -- James Hefner

"Keep up the great work. It truly is great value for money and getting better all the time." -- Tony White

"my company has had me explore Cordiqa and Application Graft. Up front these application look very cool but as you dig down they are very limited. Cordiqa is great and produces great jquery stuff but the html editor is read only. You are limited to what their interface produces and that is it.

"ApplicationCraft is very sophisticated but it is too hard to use. The bottom line is that AppStudio, though less glamorous if far more flexible and powerful. Synergy's problem is that AppStudio has a propriety frame work to render the JQUERY controls where as Cordiqa does not. On the other hand Application Graft though very sophisticated has many propriety java script files to render their frame work. At least AppStudio is rated in the top ten but you guys need to be rated at the top :-)" -- David Bagno

"Exactly what I was looking for and much more. I am sad I have wasted so much time on other (junk) solutions." --Kjell Hashti

"you are always the best! Have you seen what big mess of shit is the new Android Studio? Even onClick is something for scientists. They should consult you to have a product for human interface :)" -- Carlo Carlini

"I have just started to appreciate the intelligence that it is built upon, it is making my life easier as I am getting along each aspect of developing some ultimate mobile apps. I am personally of the opinion that your app is the best app out there for developing mobile apps easily with basic for users like us. I have searched the internet and there is nothing that does similar." -- Anele Mbanga

"bravo, nsbasic, i love appstudio ! you had did it again.offering a option other than other IDE, that was both easy,fun and useful tool" -- TS Tan, Singapore

"You guys are great. I keep singing your praises to my company. AppStudio has really made the demo for the VA possible!" -- David Bagno

"You guys put in a lot of work. Sometimes I wander if you even sleep!" -- Glynn Mcdonald

"Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated. Great program!" -- Ben Rimmington

"I think AppStudio is great. The more I use and learn about it the more I love it. BTW, I was able to recreate in less then one week the equivalent program that I made with XOJO that took me over a month to develop. I have been using XOJO and Visual Studio 2013. To much work recreating the IPAD interface." -- David Bagno

"Fantastic, thanks for the great response!!! you guys rock!" -- Bill Costello

"Double holy shamolikins!!! I'm enjoying this. I believe we are in the "app age" and "boutique", customized but affordable apps will be in high demand. Your product really addresses that niche remarkably well. Thanks for creating an amazing product that my VB skills a fighting chance in the mobile development space." -- Albert Davis

"Thanks for providing such a great product at a more than fair price. Maybe you should be charging more for this functionality. I would be willing to pay more. Sounds crazy, but I want you all to stay in business and not work to exhaustion. It's a self-interest in your well-being. I've made some decent money from my little niche products. I can add the little extra that makes my proposals compete even when the bids are using thin margins. And App Studio makes handheld development as easy as desktop VB, or nearly so. Thanks again for all you and your crew do." -- Ted Mylenbusch

"one recruiter asked me about my ios development skills, (at the initial sit down i demoed my app from the ipad and iphone) Yes it took a year to get it done but i developed two version of an instructional video playing app (one for iphone one for ipad) and got them through the x-code, objective-c and provisioning portal gauntlets and into app store. yesterday it occurred to me how convenient it would to integrate excel and ios, some googling later i found ns basic!!! Last night between 10pm and midnight i was able to do what took a year to do!!!!! HTML5, CSS, and Javascript running agnostically in a mobile browser, functioning just like an app and all i had to do was some visual basic, I am stunned by your product." -- Albert Davis

"NSBASIC is great and I use since Palm Os.....great great great !" -- Marcelo Botelho, Brazil

"Now I have had time to dig myself deeper in Appstudio. I must say that it's no doubt an amazing achievment your team have taken on. I started to develope an app for Android using basic4android about 3 month ago, and now my boss asks me to rewrite it using appstudio, so that the app will be functional on all kinds of divices. That's were your visions can save the day. I think Appstudio is brilliant and still I'm only scratched on the surface." -- Roger Lindfors, Sweden

"Nice one, much appreciated. By the way, love the s/ware, it's great for rapid development." -- Nadeem Rasool

"I can see that NSB AppStudio opens up some really cool possibilities and is very easy to use, as always!" -- David Thacker

"SUCCESS!!! :) This is a GREAT App/Program/IDE ..." -- Gregory White

"I'd like to applaud you on the FANTASTIC job you did with AppStudio! Finally we have a program that can help VB developers to play around the android/iOS world!" -- Neville Chin

"BASIC4ANDROID ( Average , it´s cool, but not flexible ) MOBIFORMS ( hmmmm....... really, limited and expensive) I´m testing APPStudio ... it´s cool !" -- Ricardo Cassolatto

"I would like to thanks all your team, yesterday our app XMenu was published in Apple Store and since last week was in Google Play. AppStudio made it possible in just one month. I did not think this was possible with limited knowledge in javascript. The whole team helped us (a lot!) with simple and complex doubts in record time. Congratulations for the amazing tool." -- Vagner Bertoni, Brazil

"I had a couple of bad experiences in the past with PhoneGap, and had avoided it ever since. This is one of the reasons why I chose basic4android to develop native applications for android thus avoiding PhoneGap. Since receiving your email last night, I took another look. PhoneGap has certainly evolved since my last visit, and PhoneGap Build looks like it may well entice me back for a further try. Looking through the links to plug-ins you kindly supplied, I noticed that there are MANY new possibilities to consider. The utilisation of javascript libraries via NSBasic Studio had been a major factor when deciding to purchase NSB." -- Bill Noble

"I'm using NsBasic and i have 2 apps in Apple Store, "compiled" with Phonegap Build. Now I'm doing a complex app for a business company to collect orders. Right now, I'm really satisfied of NsBasic." -- Marco Fantinati

"Thanks for all your and your team attention, we made a little miracle to rewrite this app in less a month, exactly 28 days ago. Were very long weekends and nights, but worth it, we now have a truly competitive app" -- Vagner Bertoni, Brazil

"This the most awesome development system I have ever seen for Cell Phones. Great Job!  Thanks happy camper!!" -- Dave Holt

"AppStudio is really good for apps development. It helps me a lot! Great job! Thanks for your hard working." -- Winnie Chan

"I don't need any help, because you have awesome docs and tutorials on your website!!! Thank you for your awesome app!" -- Gerhard Gross, Germany

"*laugh* Now /that's/ customer service! A reply in 15 seconds, from the author, at 6:06am. I've already bought AppStudio, but if I hadn't, that would convince me." -- Ken Corey

"I love NsBasic and your IDE approach. That's exactly what I've been searching for many years." -- Francesco Galvanic

"Excellent. Fantastic product" -- James Plank

"I really love the system. Working on apps that use the US government healthcare APIs like the RxNorm database through a proxy server to get around the cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) issue with mobile browsers. Even have a cute feet-inches calculator on Migrating toward using .NET as back ends and NSB and Web Matrix for front ends." -- Michael Alterman

"Great for me! I am very pleased with both: support service and product. Until today I have never worked with a software company with a support so fast and accurate, unless, of course, my company!!! eehehehe Every support is answered in hours... It is the support we have searched. We prefer less formal companies in the protocol, we need quick solutions and answers, not formal protocol. Today NSBasic is comming to be our partner number one. We suffer too much with last parter. A brazilian software house, they did a very good web framework, but a bad mobile... Our company is a mobile devoloper based at now, so it is strategic to us" -- Vagner Bertoni

"AppStudio It's realy very nice Application and very usefull for our development staf. We hope to growing up in future , to be the first Mobile and Web Application Builder" -- Marwan Hadad, Saudi Arabia

"I really like the simplicity of the tool and the wealth of examples. My first impression is that your product is well documented and just works. It's really easy to hit the ground running with how you set everything up." -- Tom Simon

"This is VERY NICE stuff. This is the reason I choose NSBasic. I keep getting surprised with yet another easy reach to some new capability." -- Mike Burgher

"I have been evaluating NSBASIC (among others) but have found that NSBASIC is the most like Visual Basic as far as the average developer skill set is in the Army." -- Doug Thompson, US Army

"AppStudio is hitting me as a great product. Thanks for the work you put into it." -- Ric

"congratulations again on not only staying relevant with your product, but improving it and showing "the others" the simple, straightforward way it should be done, and how it should be supported." -- Tony Simkus

"I am an experienced VBA developer, so I have a learning curve; still I am grateful that your approach will allow me to leverage my experience. Thanks for the effort you have put into the AppStudio" -- Steven Young

"This is terrific software. I have not seen anything like this" -- Ray Wyatt

"Please pass on to your team that I think you guys did a FANTASTIC job with AppStudio! So much faster than what I've been use to the past few years." -- James Tadeo

"I have started to make my first steps into AppStudio and I did not encounter any problems until now. The product makes an excellent and professional impression, I am convinced that smart phones and tablets are the learning tools of the future. I am very pleased to have found your product and I am eager to see, how far I can get with it." -- Markus Schfroth, Switzerland

"I just really like the look of the product. I write a lot of VBA still and this seems to be just the thing I've been looking for to use those skills for the web/mobile." -- John Fournier

"By the way, congratulations on an excellent piece of software now. You've done a tremendous amount of work making this a very tight little program and comprehensive tool. -- Steve

Good product! This is definitely a sweet way to develop to the mobile devices. You're doing NICE work here. I'm enjoying learning how it works." -- Bob Briscoe

"I'm enjoying watching you guys develop NSBasic. It's a really cool idea. I briefly looked into tinkering with iOS development at one point but couldn't stomach the idea that I'd have to A) Buy a Mac and B) Learn that insipid Objective-C language! " -- Bruce Roeser

"Thanks for following up. I am working my way through the IDE and such. It's good to have an IDE like this...makes development so much simpler, particularly for us Visual Studio/Visual Basic oldies. " -- Bill McDaniel

"It's a fantastic tool. Many thanks. " -- John Elliott

"I really like the WIKI. Nicely organized, searchable, lots of examples and tips from developers on this discussion group. Good job. " -- Mike Burgher

"Take this opportunity to thank You for an excellent software. Please keep up the good work. " -- Dennis Wallentin, Microsoft MVP

"Good job on the mac version, totally stoked! " -- Shane Judy

"I've found that NSB and the community is a good way to keep up on what's happening with HTML5. My background is as a programmer, but I am a product manager now and only have time to experiment with NSB. Helps me ask good questions of the programmers though. Not sure this is a demographic you think about in your marketing, but you have done a nice job of encapsulating a rapidly evolving technology in a comfortable IDE. " -- David Sides

"I love AppStudio on the Mac! " -- Thomas Gruber

"I've just finished my first project with NSB, and the results are more than satisfying. Warm regards and thanks again for this wonderful product. " -- Abdalla Abderràzek

"great.. wery good job. I like AppStudo for OSX a lot. Thanks again. " -- Mikael Lindström

"It's very nice software, I love it... How long have you worked for programmer? You are a genius. Thank you for nice program... I am sure people will love it all over the world. " -- Taehoon, Kim

"First rule: don't compare SDKs, that's apples to oranges. So here I go breaking my first rule. My first app with NSB was a rewrite of a VB6 program. I copied code directly from it to NSB, made a few syntactical changes, used the SDK to create the controls (similar to VB6) and that was it. It ran. I have since then gone back to many routines developed in VB6 and reused them in NSB, again after making some changes to syntax. I was trying to avoid rethinking the logic I used to create these routines and that was a success. This is one reason I chose NSB, I could not do this in Java Script, even if I was proficient, the time to convert and debug, no thanks. And then a few weeks ago I had some time on my hands and went back to a program in VB6. Did I like the quick response, advanced syntax checking, and debugging on my PC, yes, you bet I did? But then I kept finding myself highlighting groups of code and trying to right click to block comment. No way, damn why couldn't VB6 have this great capability like NSB? Thank you "Just for Fun" for this suggestion and the NSB team for listening. But it really is still apples and oranges.

Second rule: "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with". I have never used an SDK that had everything I wanted. My first Basic compiler couldn't do drop down menus so I bought an add-in. It couldn't handle keyboard entry the way I wanted so I wrote a machine language routine. VB6 has many things missing but there are a plethora of DLLs, VBXs and OCXs that make up for this. And the same applies to NSB. I recently wrote an app that had to convert an html text file to pdf format and then save it to the device drive for printing with a separate device driver to a Brother printer. Solution, a java script add-in for the conversion and phonegap to save the file. Oh, and don't forget the best "add-in" of all: this forum (thanks Less for that great procedure to ease building dual portrait/landscape apps).

Third something or other: "monogamy is best but polygamy can work, just not as well". My second app with NSB was a lot more aggressive. I wanted it to be an "everything/everywhere" app. It connected to my server, exchanged data, sent email both from the app and the server, allowed for internal correspondence (social networking?), maintained a database (SQL on both the server and the app), used local storage in place of cookies, had a "coded" splash screen form which of course worked on iOS, and much much more. But most important it had to run everywhere, on anything: PCs, Macs, Android and Apple devices. And all with different screen sizes. Oh, and it had to look good, with either a full picture image background stretched to fit or tiled to fit, and all controls were re-sized and centered. Now I cannot afford to buy every device out there and I don't even own a Mac, but whenever I am near someone with a device I like to do a little test. So far everything I tired worked, some better than others. But it sure is a lot easier if you only need to develop for one device and screen size.

So for me, NSB gets a thumbs up, and I am sure that in the future it will change to a big thumbs up as the GUI/Editor/documentation issues are resolved. " -- John Calhoun

"I love, love, love the Mac version. I have been transferring my apps from the PC side to the Mac side, editing them for my most recent changes and uploading them to my server - test site. I have not run into any major snags using my existing code (other than those I already reported). Deploying seems to be faster - that may be due to no longer using Parallels as an intermediary, or it may be that the Mac code is just faster. In any case, I think you guys did a bang up job. Thank you. " -- Helen Sandoz

"Getting an email on a Sunday, 2 days before Christmas day, shows that your interest in helping users of your software knows no bounds. I'm glad I'm back using NSBasic. " -- Barry Lynch

"I just started examining NS Basic and am very impressed by the universe of platforms and devices which can be reached by it as well as by the good workflow which can be achieved by it. " -- Dr. Manfred Zindel

"I must say, if the level of support I have been getting is what everyone else is getting, then it is gratifying to find such kindness. " -- Mick McManus

"May you go from strength to strength. Everything I've put together using NSBasic has been great so far, and I see some fantastic things on the horizon with this.

"Thank you for this wonderful product. " -- James Wasil

"Great job on the App Studio IDE.

"I am needing to modernize a Web app that I wrote in ASP.NET 2.0 several years ago. I also want to get away from MS proprietary code and the expense of a Windows server. This old web app runs in every modern browser, whether PC or a phone, and whether the rendering engine is WebKit, Gecko, or Trident. " -- Rick Tharp

"Thanks.. in fact I already purchased two copies... one for a friend and one for myself.. Still playing with the views and found a wealth of examples on your website and the online forum, covering almost all aspects of the Basic4Android tools. " -- Mohamed Osman

"Firstly, what a fantastic program! So happy I found it, have been wanting to write apps for a number of years but only proficient in VB so this is perfect. " -- Ben Rimmington

"Es ist einfach SUPPPPEEERRRR.... Auf dem Hauptserver exportiere und importiere ich ALLES aus dem XML-Datei. So kann ich alles aus der XML-Datei lesen und wieder als XML schreiben, so brauch ich die MySQL nicht so viel beschäftigen. MySQL soll nur Daten speichern/backup machen.

Es ist Genial, einfach Genial. Ähnliche Projecte habe ich mit Basic4Android gemacht. Dort musste ich fast 500 Zeilen Code schreiben zum Parsen. Mit NsBasic geht es ca. 30 Zeilen und Grid1 ist voll ausgefüllt. " -- Erkan Kaplan

"Habe schon meine ersten beiden apps erstellt, nach einer kurzen Einarbeitungszeit gings flott. Finde toll, dass es Tutorials als Videos gibt und zusätzlich eine rege Usergemeinde, da kann man schnell Antworten bekommen, wenns mal kniffelig wird. " -- Jeremias T

"Habe NS Basic App Studio vorab ausgiebig getestet und mich vor wenigen Tagen zum Kauf der Vollversion entschlossen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dieser Entwicklungsumgebung. Das Programm ist viel einfacher zu nutzen als vergleichbare Tools. Die Objekte sind eng an VB angelehnt. Selbst Anfänger sehen sehr schnell Ergebnisse und haben nach kurzer Zeit Erfolgserlebnisse. " -- Klaus P.

"The thing you did is revolutionary.

I started to learn objective-C and gave up (it doesn't make ANY sense!), started the Xamarin tutorial and downloaded all the package, here i can program on any mobile platform, i can do almost everything, thank you.

Thank you for this amazing product! you've changed my life. " -- Abdalla Abderràzek

"NSBasic is an amazing EDI and it works very well " -- Denis Florian

"AppStudio looks very interesting tool to create application rapidly for mobile devices. As I am acquainted with VB this seems to be the best alternative thus far. And I have looked at almost every other tool or service available. Either they are too complicated to learn or to use, their features have been too limited or the price tag has been too high. AppStudio seems to fit to my needs perfectly. Let's see do I have change my opinion after I have made some application with it by myself. " -- Vesa Pyykkonen, Finland

"It is a pleasure to order NS Basic. Most of what I know from visual basic allowed me to get up to speed quickly in NS Basic. I had no trouble deploying my apps on a pc, mac, and ipad. That is a first for me. I will be recommending NS basic to colleagues. Thanks for you emails. It showed you cared as a company, and prompted me further to order NS Basic. " -- Bill Schmachtenberg

"I was very impressed with your NS Basic app studio product - my company will definitely purchase a copy shortly having tried out the demo version.

A few comments (sorry this seems to be quite long!)

Having mostly written applications using Visual Basic 6/SQL Server and various reporting tools over the last few years it was really easy to start working with your product and actually build something and see it working quickly.

My company has tried other mobile toolkits and the learning curve appears to be much greater than your intuitive product. It seems to prove my suspicion that it should still be possible to build today's applications using a simple language and IDE as we did in the past.

I have also developed applications in Visual Studio and .NET and find the amount of effort to produce useful results is much higher and you also then need to create versions for the desktop, use ASP.NET/MVC or similar to create web browser versions and then further effort to target mobile devices and the focus is mainly on Microsoft based products with poor support for Apple/Android!

The newer Microsoft programming systems also require very large amounts of code to produce quite small results and the ASP.NET MVC version seems to be moving even more towards hand coding of javascript etc. which further slows down the development process as there is no "Visual" designer other than running the site each time.

Also the Visual Studio 2010/2012 IDE is much more cluttered and confusing and it all seems much slower and less intuitive to use.

I feel that many developers would like to focus their efforts on the business applications and not try to learn an overly complex framework and then have to write and support different large projects for each platform they want to target.

I seem to spend much more time battling the development tools and less time focussed on writing the business applications these days (maybe I am just getting older!)

I notice other users have commented on your website that it would be great if your product could extend to allowing the creation of true browser based applications as well as mobile devices (in place of creating ASP.NET style apps). Maybe this is not your target for the product but I am still searching for a product allowing me to create web/mobile applications as quickly as desktop systems.

NS Basic App Studio seems to have all the key concepts in place already. I guess it would need connections to a local database/web services and maybe different and extended grid controls etc. but it seems as though it might be possible.

Another thing lacking in many current offerings is the ability to easily create reports/PDF files as nearly all applications I have made (web or desktop) seem to need printed reports of invoices/reports etc. of some sort.

I continually search the internet to see if anyone has cracked these issues. It seems as if Microsoft change their mind every few months now on how apps should be made meaning it is nearly impossible to get very skilled in any platform (e.g. ASP.NET MVC seems to be replacing web forms, metro is coming out soon for the desktop, Silverlight may be being retired etc.).

We got very interested in a product I found called Comicino Studio about a year ago ( - this seemed to offer what I would imagine millions of developers like the one's in my company would require -desktop/web/mobile systems created with a VB style form builder, report builder and programming language with links to the key databases (MS SQL Server etc.) However a year or so later there is no sign of it ever being released.

At the end of the day our clients have no knowledge how we make applications they just want them to be easy to use, look professional, be reliable and easily supported by the developers.

Once again many congratulations on your product and I look forward to using it and seeing how it will continue to evolve.

Dominic Chubb, Software Director. Global Computing Limited

"Thanks again for your great software. Frederic P.

"NSB ROCKS ! Keep up the good work ! " -- Dennis Spruill

"I just want to say you offer such an increbible support for your product it is truly outstanding! " -- Patrick

"Thank you George for creating an excellent product. I am excited about the new possibilities this opens up for me. " -- Niraj

"You've got a great product there. Your judgement in choosing which features to keep or let is good. :) " -- Rick Combs

"I am loving this NS Basic/App " -- George Miles

"Loving it so far. New to mobile development (from a web dev background) and it's really a great IDE with some cool features. " -- Paul Light

"I have to say: AWESOME development environment. " -- Brian Dixon

"Firstly, your product is fantastic. I'm loving it. I still run into issues but I always overcome them and the help here is the best I've ever experienced... as is the User group.

"Seriously, for software that costs $100 you give million $ service. Many thanks. " -- Rob O.

"Great job, well done! " -- Markus Geiger, Germany

"I have been coding in Foxpro/plus & VB for 25 years and I just can not get my head around Xcode and Ob C so NSBasic has saved me. " -- Kev Conlin

"There is no doubt about it, you have done a fabulous job with NS Basic-App development system. I absolutely LOVE it!

The purpose of my evaluation was so that I could negotiate a proposal with an existing client to develop an iPhone/iPad/Android app version of the floor covering CAD system that I developed for desktop computers. NS Basic-App proved to be even simpler to use than I anticipated. That was a boost to my confidence in being able to develop the app.

In the past, I have used NS Basic for Palm handhelds and for Pocket PC computers. It has always met my needs and done so in a very easy to use environment. Thank you for what you do for our industry! " -- Jim Hesch

"I think the NSB is the greatest developer program, so I love it so. " -- Mark Repits

"Nice product. My old company (Frustum) at one time years ago was probably one of the biggest VB apps in the world for international banking. it had over 10,000 reports and screens. (WAN based). " -- Mike Stadher

"its nice to see a product like yours. hope you make it a big success. -- mike

"This is good work. " -- Kirby Leeper

"I have to compliment you, I think NS Basic is a great product, but as you know there are a lot of competitors. What sets you apart from the pack is your approach to listening to users and providing advice as well as making changes that seem to fit for the greater all. Most products march to their own agenda and say they listen but in the end they just continue down the road they have chosen... " -- John

"I first encountered NSBasic back in 2006 when I used it to make some forestry survey programs on a Palm Pilot. When I saw the release of App Studio in late 2010, I knew I had to use it to make some iPhone/iPad apps. What I didn't realise was how powerful, yet how simple, it would turn out to be. And the support provided by the App Studio team, and from everyone on the App Studio Forum has made using App Studio an absolute delight.

I have now written a suite of iPad apps that have revolutionised our travel survey business, and the Steelband Music Festival iPhone app that I entered in the contest was developed in less than 2 weeks. This, however, was not evidence of a rushed job; it was a tribute to the power and ease-of-use of NSBasic App Studio. I would like to thank the App Studio team at NSBasic for their unflagging support and continuing development of App Studio; Tom Gruber and others for their generous help via the Forum; and Julia Peddie for the Steelband Music Festival graphics used in the app. " -- Tony Richardson, Australia

"It has been an absolute pleasure using App Studio to develop for the iPhone and iPad. Certainly nothing else I have seen comes close to providing such a productive and joyous-to-use development environment. I would happilly recommend the product to anyone (and often do!) It has enabled us to produce a market leading product and give us the edge over numerous competitors who have yet to tackle the mobile market. "Thank you" simply doesn't go far enough! " -- Darren Windsor

"Thanks for all your help! NSB App Studio is a great piece of software! " -- Robert Swilley

"My first app is nearing completion and I've enjoyed using NSBasic. I'm an ooooold BASIC and FORTRAN programmer, so it has made the transition to newfangled coding possible for me. " -- David Spetnagel

"We take a significantly different path on applications: we develop line-of-business applications for companies that generate a significant portion of their revenue using mobile workers. These systems typically tie into enterprise back end management systems. We are just now completing a rewrite of a pair of applications from Windows Mobile. The major application allows a field superintendent in a construction project to document work performed, materials used, QC tests run, vehicles used, and employee payroll time. All total, over 25 forms and 12 tables.

The secondary application is a combination expense report and vehicle reporting system, with some complex logic to allow an expense from one vendor to be "spread" across multiple vehicles, while recording mileage reading and gasoline usage.

Both of these have to stand the test of ROI by the company's CFO, and they perform significantly over the company's original expectations. This latest version is designed for a 7" Android tablet from HTC, sold by Sprint.

We use NSB "classic" to build this (we're building business apps, not eye candy) and I estimate it costs us 50% less than a "pure" Javascript application would be. That makes our customers happy and us profitable.

Hope this helps some folks in understanding one perspective on the NSB value proposition. " -- Lee Church

"So far I love it. Being a VB and VBA guy, this more or less allows me to step into a new arena with a much shorter learning curve. Once I get my feet wet, my goal is to integrate a phone app with a drupal website and of course, I found NS Basic through the drupal forums and modules, which lead me to Phone Gap and Phone Gap lead me to NS Basic. Sweet! " -- Roy Wagner

"Great product! Very easy to install and easy to use. Glad you kept the IDE comparable to your other products. Really allowed me to leverage my experience with NS Basic/CE and NS Basic Desktop. I'm sure I'll have some questions as I proceed but the documentation looks good and all the samples are very helpful. " -- Mike DeAndrea

"I think you've come up with a winner.... again! " -- Bob O

"I really like this product a lot better than the Eclipse environment I was using - you are definitely ahead of the curve with app development and I hope for your continued success. " -- Paul Chila

"NS Basic reminds me of the days when VB was on 3-1/2" disk, simple enough and it works. " -- Chris Black

"You are the best!!! I think ALL companies, big and small, should learn what technical support and customer satisfaction commitment is all about from nsBasic. " -- Mario Lavignasse

"I'm impressed. You solved my problem. I'm a Realbasic developer who keeps getting those naggy customers wanting an APP. "Will it run on my Ipad, Iphone, bla bla bla. Keep up the good work." -- John Schwaner

"I am currently doing well with NS Basic. I have been developing for Android with Eclipse for a long time. I am amazed as to how much easier it is to develop applications with NS Basic! Thank you!" -- William W. Mikrut

"The app is for a customer who will send out some news ('nyheter' in Swedish). They can write them into a database (through a web-based application) to their customers and when the app is opened it calls a .asp-script which send back the information. Really simple to do. NSB works nice and I am so happy about it! If you look at the time of this mail you understand that my bed is longing for me but NSB keep me at the keyboard, it is so hard to stop programming, because this is so fun! Thank you for your service. This product is really great!" -- Thomas Jeryd

"NSB is very slick. All I want to do, really, is to be able to write utilities for my own use on my phone and this will do nicely. Thanks for all your help while I was checking it out. It's obvious that you guys are continuing to work on the thing and keep it relevant. Thanks. Keep up the good work." -- bruce

"Thanks for your efforts to help George Its impressive how good your response and support is. You are also supporting a bloody good product" -- Grahame Prestage

"I want to thank you and your team for this product. I've been using it for just over a week and have a good handle on how it works. I know I don't have to describe to you just how powerful this development environment is! Thank you." -- Ted Williams

"Thanks for the quick reply - as always. You are the very best company/person that I have ever dealt with when it comes to speedy responses and excellent products. Keep up the great work!" -- Jim Tate

"Great work and a big thank you! " -- atkh99

"Great work...well done :-)" -- Hussain Al-Marzooq

"woweeee!!!!" -- Paul Tucker

"This is a very powerful environment because of the fact that I can include HTML5 and JS in the code - very trick. Great product, keep up the good work!-- Ted Williams

"Thank you george! Just what I needed. And I must take my hat off to the support board, it's quite active and the feedback certianly has been of a high quality." -- Les Peaker

"For the moment, I'm testing NSBasic and I'm pretty happy with it. It's much more easy to use than Basic4Android and the objects are much closer to VB ones. It's important as we need our newbies to get on it as fast as possible." -- Jean Tafazzoli

"I have used NSBasic software since 2001 and found it to great. George and his group are far more responsive than almost all of the software venders I have ever dealt with. (I am a marketing consultant so Ive dealt with more than I would have wished!)

I would rather see a product like this available sooner rather than waiting for it to be "perfect." Remember George has not charged for an upgrade yet and App Studio is now over a year old! There has NEVER been a charge for support regardless of how long you have used a registered product.

Remember also what this product does: It converts Basic into Javascript! As a software professional you should think about that for a second! There may be others, but I don't know of any.

Lastly, try to be little more classy. You feel you have a legitimate gripe. OK. Don't you think it would have been more tasteful to comment through an email to support rather than in a semi public forum first? Maybe he has good reason why the fix cannot come "instantly." Think: if your customers did something like that before giving you a chance to answer, how would you feel? If you get no satisfaction, fine. Bitch all you want, but give someone a chance first. Maybe what your waiting isn't worth the effort ($) right now because they are making bigger revisions that encompass your problem.

I gave George some suggestions on how to open this product up to more customers. He may not want to after reading today's emails!" -- Alan Heverly

"I'd just like to second what Don had to say. Although I am not a pro, I've known George for many years as a consumer of his products. I am not a great programmer. Still, I have always been treated with just as much courtesy as the most hardened professionals in the group. All of the forum members have tried to help me when I became "stuck" (that has been more often than I should admit).

This forum, headed by George, is the most supportive and helpful group that I've ever known on the Internet. I've been a member of the internet since it was text based so I've seen plenty of groups. I've also known many development languages. My forte is getting to know different systems and though I'm a hobbyist, I ALWAYS try to support George and any of his new products. That is because of the knowledgeable help that he is quick to offer. He is genuine and good natured.

I have to also say that the NSApp release/update cycle is so often that it is like we all get many special presents on top of our original. Try looking at Adobe's update cycle which is every 18 -24 months! That after one spends upwards of $1000 for the products!

George and crew provide new features and fun with each update/release. Perhaps a part of your concern is that you are used to software venders that don't have very frequent updates with new features. I don't know about you, but I've seen some software venders that don't deal with the bugs, let alone new features for months and months. Not so with George & Co. If George says, something will be fixed, you can depend on it. You can also depend on an update coming when he says it will come. Although I don't frequently post here any more. I do lurk occasionally, I can't

help but step up when I see a new person who is struggling with getting to know NSApp. Welcome to the forum. I admit to envying your knowledge of development. I hope that you will come to realize what a great product you have purchased and also what wonderful support you will see from George and the other experts in this group." -- Rachel Lloyd

"I think you should read through the last few years or so of various posts.  This product is the most responsive I've ever seen.  Heck, they fix things faster than I do for my clients and I live and breathe customer service. Just saying, read before you post please." -- Don Powell

"I've just recently been turned on to NS Basic. Being a VB/VB.NET developer for many years I feel right at home! Everything looks great." -- Robert

"I'm very convinced about NSBasic, it's open architecture for JS powers the products potential and coupled with good Old Basic (albeit much more OO) gives it a lot ability to produce WebOs apps." -- Leslie Peaker

"Interesting, I think the first computer I programmed was the CDC 3600 in Fortran for a math class. I loved that language, very open and unstructured but quite limited by today's standards. Honed my typing skills on punch cards. I think that is why I went with Basic when the PCs came about, didn't like the hoops you had to jump through with C. And that of course led me to wait for George to give us NSBasic App Studio. So thanks again George for this great product and to all on this forum for making it all so much fun." -- John Caloun

"It's great to see when I say jump, you guys ask "How high?" Thanks for the help, should be perfect for what I need!" -- Neil

"It's really impressive to have direct contact with the developers of a product. I am happy I choose NSBasic instead other company and I wish you the best success." -- Amando Blasco

"And many thanks for the program........ Man how I love your program. Really... Great." -- Frits Blankenzee

"Great improvements" -- Nils Rydbeck

"I'm an original user of your software from years ago. Last week I bought your new NS Basic App and I'm VERY impressed... well done! It's so elegant, especially when compared to Objective-C. And I'm a VB coder from way back, so there was *zero* learning curve." -- Tom Syvester

"You hear that sound? It's the sound of a thousand fans cheering!!!" -- Ted Mylenbusch

"Wow! Thanks for the info. That is great news. It almost seems too good to be true:) I have always wanted to become an IOS developer but have been turned off by the convoluted development environment and requirements. NSBasic is like a dream come true because I have been using VB since version 1." -- Derbin Hamler

"Thank you Rachael for your accurate view of NSBasic, George, and their talented team of programmers. I agree with you wholeheartedly. And glad to see you are still with us. So does anyone know how to get phongap to provide such good support? Maybe when they start charging for their servies???" -- John Calhoun

"Btw, I think NSB App Studio is great and simple enough for physicians like me who want to write their own apps which are able to run on multiple platforms, and I intend to put up a little repository of free medical webapps based on NSBAS - starting with apps such as and which are relevant to my specialty - and will be blogging about it in due course." -- Alan

"I still don't know how George and his team were able to create such a great programming tool and provide us all with unsurpassed customer support at such an incredibly low price! I don't know how they do it!" -- D.R.

"I haven't posted here for a while nor have I been doing much with NSBApp lately, but I happened to read your note this morning. I decided to respond. I don't fit the picture of a "typical" programmer so maybe my perspective won't help. I am a hobbyist, and frankly I enjoy looking at authoring systems more than I do creating applications. Oh, and I also admit to being a fairly terrible programmer when it comes to script languages.

Further, I also admit to some prejudice when it comes to George, NSBasic, and this group. I have looked at and played with many, many languages over the years. Yes, I am among the least talented of programmers, but i love looking at and learning different software programming systems. I could probably write a dissertation on various authoring systems. I have actually dabbled in some technical writing for authoring systems that I was "playing with". I enjoy technical writing while learning. Still, the one thing that I've found lacking in all of the scripting languages and authoring systems has been support. Maybe George and crew have spoiled me in this, but I have never seen the level of support and respect offered to all of the forum members. Even when some one of us gets a little frustrated with some head banging "thing" and vents online, George always seems to keep his good humor.

I can assure you, probably as you already know, that there are many, many options for mobile programming at the moment, but in all of those that I've tried recently (and there have been many). There is nowhere that I have found better support than right here with the NSApp group. I have to agree with you that I wish this entire process of programming could be easier and flashier for me. I've always loved the graphics. Anybody remember fractal "C" programming books? I was there. YIKES!

However, when, I think about NSApp, I try to keep in mind that it is still a baby, and frankly, so many features have been added since its inception that the pace makes me a little dizzy. This could also be related to aging. ;-) George and crew are, to my mind geniuses, AND hard workers. Plus, they listen to the feedback. I can't tell you how many times I've found that simply is not true with other software vendors. I remember asking about wishing for a feature when I started using NSApp. Now remember, I don't have any great shakes as a programmer and may not even be realistic in what I ask for. Yet, low and behold, that particular feature was included in the next update. For me, this has not been a one time thing. I've seen it happen over and over thought out the years that I've bought NSBasic products. Updates come quickly. Features are added frequently... and there is no extra charge for this.

Now as to the price NSApp. Wow! I can't find anything that will do as much for such a reasonable price. There are a lot of sites that are as selling online mobile programming by the year! For hundreds of dollars. Check out their prices. Maybe they are easier to use. Maybe not. Maybe someone who is a crack professional can afford this kind of money, but my limited income would never allow it. Let's say that NSApp has a greater learning curve and requires a little more work to get that slam dunk look that you want. At least at the moment. Still where can you find a better buy that comes with this kind of support?

OK. I admit that my dream programming system would be one that I simply verbally tell what I want and it would be "magically" created for me. LOL Dang, I've looked and looked for that, but haven't found that yet. ;-) Though I do admit I LOVE the click together block authoring systems. Hey George, there is an idea. Create a little thing in all that spare time you have that would be for the turtles in the crowd. ;-)

At any rate, I always seem to "come home" to the NS folks because of the family feeling within the forum. That, along with the fact that the forum members have such a vast array of knowledge. They aren't miserly with their knowledge and bend over backwards to help. If you are a better programmer than I, and most people are, I hope that you will stay with NSApp for a while and hang out in the forum. In the end, I don't think your will regret it." -- Rachel Lloyd

"Here's a different perspective: One of the original founders of Ext.JS is here in my hometown, and I've gotten to know him over the last 6 months. For Sencha, Ext.JS is their primary focus, and their money-maker. But this focus was on non-mobile environments, and they have a large following in the more traditional (non-mobile) Web development community. Touch for them was somewhat of a stepchild, but it's getting a lot more focus. They really have some terrific "widgets", but you need to be a JS wiz to make them work without something like NSB. You'll write 3X to 10X more lines of code if you use pure JS, and "a line of code is an opportunity to make a typo".

What George has done with Sencha Touch, and started with jQuery, is to integrate these tools into the NSB development environment, so that when I feel it's justified, I can reach out to those tools to get the eye candy and other special function widgets. What has really impressed me over the last few months is: 1. the value of NSB (at $99 it's a steal), 2. the rapid pace at which the NSB responds to issues and new ideas, and 3. the rate at which you can get an old-line programmer with little to no JS experience up an cranking out good code." -- Lee Church

"In the meantime, let me congratulate you and the Team for the superb effort. I love your product, I am delighted with the support/forum, and I firmly believe that the best is yet to come - both for you, and for us." -- Johann

"I just wanted to say thank you to NSBasic and the staff for another excellent product. I developed proprietary products for the Palm OS using NSBasic and really loved the product. Now that I'm working on the smartphone for the same applications, it's great to have another well desigend product to work with." -- Rich Wright

"Thank you and your team for all the hard work producing NSB. I enjoy using it every day." -- Helen Sandoz

"I have been very impressed with the product and have deployed 2 useful(to me) apps. I find the ability to get the app from desktop to android, together with the offline capability and the online automatic updating extraordinarily useful." -- Dirk Folens

"It's an excellent product and has opened my eyes to HTML5 and what it can do." -- John McIver

"I started from the other end, with the iPhone SDK (a few generations back). I registered as a developer with Apple (free), so I could develop apps and also submit them to my own devices, but not sell them through the app store. I suspect (but can't promise) that you could also do that with apps you develop with NSBasic AppStudio and then compile using PhoneGap.

But I found the SDK environment quite intimidating, and not very productive, at least not in the phase of the learning curve I was in, trying it out in 1-2 hours a day if at all. Developing in NSBasic is a totally different matter, I think I can produce 10x as much working code as in the SDK environment. There are 2 factors contributing to that: NSBasic is a language I'm familiar with, and I can learn the new parts (lots!) while I still produce something that works. In contrast, the whole SDK is such a huge block that I didn't find a gradual entry which allowed me to get started, and improve while going along. It felt like all or nothing, more or less. Learn for 2 months, then you can start writing programs (real ones). Not the approach I like! So I might get as productive in SDK as in NSBasic, in 1-2 years time, but even then I doubt it. If you're developing commercial applications, for a living, there may be no other way (I'm not even sure about that, at least in combination with Phonegap that statement is probably not true). But for personal use, or inside a company like Tony pointed out, the NSBasic approach seems a very good and efficient way; use PhoneGap if you really need some functionality you otherwise can't get, and can't avoid using." -- Thomas Gruber

"I think it depends on what you want to do, and why you're doing it. If you want to develop a commercial app for the general public and make a fortune, then good luck, and keep working with the SDK, PhoneGap etc. If, like me, you want to develop an App which you can use within your company (or personally), then I've found you can just stay with NSB AppStudio and still make a very workable and professional program. It may not have all the possible bells and whistles, and may not make me a fortune directly, but I've estimated that these apps I am developing will return me $100,000 within the first year by way of increased efficiencies within my company operations. I suspect, with due modesty and realism, that this is a lot more than I could earn as a professional app developer in the cut-throat commercial software world. So, horses for courses!" -- Tony Richardson

"I just fired up App Studio and ran my first little routine deployed to the iPad. Surprising after 12 years, it feels just like the NSBasic I used a good few years ago but seems slicker and cleaner somehow. Very, very impressive. I had thought that programming for iOS would be a complete pig." -- D. Thorpe

"let me first congratulate you - this is a very cool idea. I think it has a lot of promise. I am testing it now and am blown away by its ease. Again, well done with the tool - it is a remarkably easy way to create an app - no sdk, basic language, a GUI builder, just very clever." -- Jayme Fishman

"i'm testing AppStudio and I'm speechless: simply great, as usual!" -- Carlo Carlini

"PS I think NS Basic App Studio is fantastic. As a VB6 programmer your compiler has opened up a whole new market for me." -- Les Whalley

"I'm very impressed with App Studio. It is the easiest and fastest IDE I've ever used and because I am a VB affectionado I feel very comfortable using it." -- Bob Gately

"Just wanting to show my gratitude for an awesome app." -- Russ H.

"NS Basic is a fantastic acheivement. I started with BASIC, then Visual Basic, and for the last 16 years I have been using Delphi. Because of that, NS Basic is extremely comfortable for me to use." -- Richardson

"thanks for a great product, and it's really good support :-) " -- starradiodrive

"NSB/AppStudio is really exactly what I've been looking for to satisfy my mobile development needs. It's so simple to use, practical and productive. No 4 gigabyte iPhone SDK to download, no Objective-C, no Mac required, no $99 developer fee or Apple approval process to wade through. Simple and fast install of the entire development system on Windows without any external packages required, the simplest programming language anywhere for mobile development, fantastically easy and useful IDE, one click instant application deployment to multiple mobile platforms, etc. You should really promote the fact that the apps created by your product can really run everywhere, not just on iPhone and Android, but on just about any new mobile device with a browser - and really on any desktop machine too, as web based apps (this is really a fantastically simple web application development system). Within an hour of buying the product, I had my first application deployed and running nicely on my Kindle! For several years I've been stuck between learning new development environments and languages, trying to satisfy some very simple mobile data management needs. What a convoluted, complicated mess the rest of the mobile development industry is! I run a significant business that operates on software that I developed, and I just want to add mobile access to reports for clients. NSB/AppStudio is perfect for those sorts of data management needs. Super easy and quick GUI creation, incredibly easy API, brilliantly simple distribution mechanism. I've been developing software for years, and wrote a popular online tutorial about programming (on the first page of Google results for "computer programming tutorial" for the past several years). It's rare to see software development tools that work this well, with so much ease of use, together with great potential for productivity. Congratulations on a fantastic product - please keep it up!" -- Nick Antonaccio

"I LOVE nsbasic, such a cool solution" -- Adrian Brookbank

"I would also like to say that this is a terrific product! -- Tony O'Brien

"I've been a customer since NSBasic for the Newton, then the Palm. I'm impressed with App Studio as well. Thanks." -- Dr. Michael Green

"I am a VB/c++ person so this platform and approach is quite new to me but I have to say its a great product. I have also been using NS Basic for a few years for windows devices so this was a natural progression for me. Once again Many thanks" -- Grahame Prestage, Australia

"Keep up the good work and thanks for the update and what is done so far. Give all your staff a pad on the back from me. Excellent job!" -- Dominic O'Brien

"Your product is a great solution for people like me (vb programmers) who do not wish to spend time learning java. Thanks!" -- Dan Strauss, Israel

"For the past few weeks as I have learned to use NSBasic, I have watched the questions from myself and others come and go over the internet - and always you are there with a ready response - in record time.

That is customer service like no other.

Thanks you very much for what you do - it is very much appreciated" -- Danni Suskin

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your new market opportunity. In my limited view, NSBasic/CE was kinda in the shadow of VS.Net, so that probably hindered sales.

But, WP7 has nowhere near the level of apps supporting that platform that will make me switch to it from WM. However, I just started diving into running Android on my HD2 from my SD card:

I now have the best of both worlds, my HD2 runs all my WM apps, and I can then run any the latest cool android apps by switching to Android mode on my HD2 (and just reboot the phone to switch back to WM).

So, I can see many WM developers wishing they could use their BASIC skills to write Android apps. And your product seems like the only solution to do that on the market. So, I hope you can take full advantage of this marketing opportunity!" -- John Cody

"Hey - have you given thought to marketing this more on the web side, too? Essentially, people will think of this as a mobile development tool, when, what you really have, is a tool that allows you to build Mobile Apps And Web Apps. With the same source. With the same, nice and simple Basic-based source. Obviously, we can't have everything we want for Both platforms, but, there's probably a much larger set of functions/controls than what we have right now that Could work both in a desk web app and a native mobile app. You could really get some attention if you steered the product and the marketing that way.

As mobile developers, this is exactly what we personally need. Whether or not there's enough there for someone to view the desk web version of the apps as acceptable at this point remains to be seen. But, the bottom line is we Constantly get requirements to deliver data collection solutions - that exist not only on the mobile, but also exist on the web, in the office. That usually means a tremendous amount of work developing for two platforms. Your product can change that - and enable it with the ease of a Basic syntax." -- Frank Russolello

"PS Great software." -- Mike Mason

"The UI is very good, very close to the VB." -- Rob Rand

"...good to be back so thanks very much for this brilliant tool :-)" -- Ricky Irvine

"It is all working great now and I am very happy with the results. You really do have a great product!" -- Dejan Rajcic

"I'm in limbo now supporting our last project until that is no longer needed, but old programmers never die.... So my wife said "now what are you going to do with that thing" (my android phone which I don't use for a phone). I mostly have written for Windows and DOS. These applications being data base applications and one database management application. I still use the dbms application daily I wrote in DOS in Microsoft Basic. I've written in different languages and machine code but I am a lover of Basic (KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid). So when I decided I wanted to write for the Android devices I didn't want to do it in Javascript, at least entirely. I wrote George some time last year hoping they would make Basic for Android. Well they sure did, and went a lot further then I could have ever expected. " -- John Calhoun

"This product is an amazing start. It has incredible potential." -- Frank

"Excellent product, I am a strong VB coder and not so much of a Obj-C coder." -- Wade Smith

"Thanks for the nice post. I don't know him personally, but, yup all indications are of a humble genius. :) I also love the very friendly responses he and other forum members give. This was a great discovery. I actually discovered this product many years ago in the Palm days, but I'm Just discovering the App Studio world. Very excited about the possibilities. " -- Frank

"I just have to chime in to say I think this product is amazing and off to a great start.

I'm an experienced developer, and we're always looking for tools to improve productivity. Last year, we took a dive into the Android waters, and while it was enjoyable, it was a pretty steep learning curve.

I don't know how many of you realize this, but the architecture established here for App Studio is very unique. You're essentially given a flat, easy app architecture model - without things like web postbacks, etc - and yet with it, we can build apps that can run in the browser or native on the mobile device. That's a pretty big deal in my book.

Looking forward to diving much deeper into this as soon as possible." -- Frank

"I stumbled across a development environment for android called basic4android Seems cool enough...but then they list as one of the features "almost as fast as java".

Who'd ever have thought of posting that

Well, that made me think of when the Palm titanium very first came out, and everyone was agog with how fast it was. I remembered George Henne had compiled tinybasic to be an arm-native application (cause "apps" didn't exist as a category yet, I suppose). I was *floored* with how much power I was able to carry around.

Admission time: my first computer was a sinclair zx81, so I'm prone to regularly saying things like "I can put HOW MANY terabytes into my PC without breaking a sweat?"

Anyway, at the time I was a diehard C programmer, and knew the Palm API up one side and down the other...the problem of course is that it wasn't *portable*. I'd have had to learn a different API for PPC, and use *Java*, of all things, to program for Blackberries. How preposterous.

So today, with my 1Ghz Nexus, I'd like to check out what George has done. Tinybasic on this phone must *scream*.

Then I found out the clever thing he's done. I can only apologise, George for not noticing before...he's based it on PhoneGap. Brilliant! With one fell swoop, he's enabled simple, script-like, easy-interface, multi-platform programming, while still leaving a gap whereby you can add native functionality if you really have to. And you know what? It's still likely faster than my Palm Titanium running tinybasic.

On top of that, you get all the "goodness" (maybe I'm easily impressed?) of ease of access to javascript, websockets, etc. I feel like the world is my digital oyster again.

My hat's off to you George. I don't have a project right now, but the next time I want to bang out a quick multi-platform project I'm going to pick up a license to nsbasic!" -- Ken Corey

"Wow! I can't believe how fast George and his crew, and with thanks to Carmine and others for cranking out excellent updates so fast!. It's the best $99 I have spent in a long time, like getting a Christmas package every week or so. As I program along on some of my projects I find that I need a feature that I wish App Studio had, and before you know it George and his crew have made another great improvement! Implementing apps for the App Store is a great idea." -- Mike O'Massey

"I've been working away with your wonderful creation. I'm enjoying NSBasic-App very much. I have one program finished." -- Rachel Lloyd

"NSBasic/App is G_R_E_A_T_! ! !

I have created a great Weight Watcher Tracking programming using NSBasic/App." -- Jim Lorenger

"Keep up the good work - I am continually amazed at how you guys are so responsive and non-defensive to all the suggestions/complaints that we throw up (-:

I'm really happy with where we have all got to in the past month. My first major App is now completed, and I am working on two more that are variations on the first. This will then enable me to totally revamp how we do our field surveys, giving us better data at lower cost." -- Tony Richardson

"Concerning Corona:

- no visual GUI editor right now (that makes NSB stand out!)
- fully native (one should NOT try to translate Lua into JavaScript)
- features which go beyond what web apps can do right now (better graphics, physics, better audio/video support etc.)

For the moment, you should concentrate on web apps for NSB (that's much easier to realize, don't forget that Ansca mobile seems to have a funding of 1.000.000 US-$ for their development!) Your way of integrating plain JS and HTML into NSB apps makes your product incredibly useful from the very beginning." -- Andreas Rozek

"I hope smart coders the world over discover NSB App! Again, great product, great work." -- Bob Nevans

"Thanks for creating a system that allows development for iOS and Android without a year's (or more) studying!" -- Thomas Gruber, Germany

"Thanks a lot to the very efficient NSB Team." -- Bernd Sommer, Germany

"I think AppStudio is fantastic. After 12 months of procrastination about developing an iPad App for our survey field operations (many attempted starts that were thwarted by the prospect of learning the SDK), I have been able in less than 3 weeks with AppStudio to develop a working prototype, which I hope to have operational in the new year. However, I couldn't have done it without you and the rest of the guys on the Forum. Thanks." -- Tony Richardson, Australia

"I've really been enjoying App Studio. Thanks for another great product! It's been pretty exciting to see how fast App Studio has been progressing since 1.0 " -- Bob Anderson

"Thanks again. I'm having a blast with AppStudio. I love it." -- Mark Heller

"I just got NSB/AppStudio last week and love it." -- Michael O'Massey

"Wow, this is a great product. It's got amazing potential. I look forward to using it!" -- Thomas Gruber, Germany

"Anyway, NS Basic is an amazing product. I am looking forward to work with it." -- Bent Karlsen, Denmark

"I wrote some code on your Win/CE platform, that was a robust IDE - but this is really quite amazing regarding the amount of work you've put into this." -- Bob Nevans

"Well done, you've released a one-of-a-kind tool. Now it's incumbent upon me to buy it. :-)" -- Robert Hughes, USAF

"You have come up with a very clever product and I have no doubt that you have found a market.

I looked for a simple development tool and was using Corona until I contacted you. I am sure that you have looked at the Corona API (see Corona has its own issues but is developing quite a following. It has an annual charge, but if a commercial app is successful that it not a major issue. Corona results in native code and allows distributing using iTunes, which, while having its own issues, does appear to have the largest audience. I did not consider using a web based development process but your product has opened my eyes to that approach which does not require paying Apple fees or waiting for approval.

AppStudio has some very strong points in that it has the graphical interface you developed for NS Basic and that apps can be developed and deployed without the developer becoming an Apple developer and being required to distribute through iTunes. This will make it desirable to the developer who is only developing for their own use or for a company internal use." -- Neil Eskind

"You have come up with a very clever product and I have no doubt that you have found a market" -- Neil Eskind

"Keep up the good work, this is a very interesting product!" -- Tapio Jokinen, Espoo, Finland

"George, congratulations on another beauty! Having used NSB on a Palm before, I was hoping you would do the same with iPhone/iPad. Thanks.

Within 3 days, I have been able to develop an iPad App for some field survey operations we are doing (to replace an old pen and paper system)." -- Tony Richardson

"I think you have a fantastic product here." -- Brian Hughes

"thanks a lot for full Version 1.0.0. I was very happy being allowed to take part in this beta testing considering that I am just a hobbyist. This program is definitely wonderful! ... I wish you and your team a well-deserved big further success!" -- Bernd Sommer, Germany

"First I'd like to mention that even with minimal testing so far, I think this product is pretty darned nice! Kudos to you all for what appears to be some great work!." -- David Coker

"Congratulations. AppStudio is an excellent IDE." -- Jörg Peters, Germany

"NSBAsic App Studio is a quantum leap from NSBasic/CE or Desktop" -- Geoff Parish, Australia

"this sounds like some seriously cool shit." -- Tam Hanna, Austria

"I think this is absolutely fantastic. Great job! Kudos to you and your team... Again, this is awesome." -- Michael DeAndrea

"Funny to see something on the Droid 2 Global that I could potentially write. Perhaps the software I've been using from NSB/CE and NSB/Palm isn't dead after all. :)" -- Mike Frangiskakis

"I'm really enjoying playing with App Studio. " -- Paul Elliott

"This studio is great. Wonderful how fast one can get an app into the device." -- Bernd Sommer

"I'm very excited about this and I'll be very busy working with this over a 3 day weekend I have this week.

You guys rock.

I must say, I'm impressed overall with the simplicity and speed of development. If this is how apps will be distributed I think it's great...

This has turned out to be an incredible product. I loved watching it evolve. Kudos to your team." -- Mark Heller

"I have installed and run the program and I really think you are on to something great! For several days there I couldn't keep up with the downloads! Wow you are working long hours on this huh! ... I will keep playing with what I have, it is exciting and really great so far!" -- Fred Borsdorf

"Yeah no kidding on the real app vs. free crapware (or even commercial ones for that matter). So hard to get people to understand the difference, particularly the so called CIO decision makers who have almost no programming background. Should that not be a prerequisite? So many cases where they they just don't know that they don't know."An abused child does not know they are abused". Anyway it looks like you have a winner."-- Vijit Coomara, Sri Lanka

"Yes, this is exactly the concept I was thinking about when I wrote that blog. I think that people who normally code in NSBasic and Visual Basic and other Visual tools (ones with Screen painters and associated event coding) will love this. Going straight to Web App distribution is great. Pressing the (+) on Safari to get a desktop icon and then having the app start-up via the Icon in Kiosk mode (or whatever the equivalent) is fantastic. The average user will never know this is a Web App.

It should allow I would think and easy transition to HTML 5 apps for the average VB user or for that matter any developer who does not want to get into the nitty gritty aspects of HTML and Javascript coding. You translate the events and UI part for them. The concept and where it is heading should be a really good one. I guess you will have a major marketing challenge once the product is ready."-- Vijit Coomara

"If you stay under $100, you make it easier for hobby programmers like myself to continue to develop software for fun / hobby, etc. BTW, I can't get over the way the SQL works.... Just built in, automatic, etc. With my godaddy account, I had to create a user name, password, etc. and set it all up before using any SQL databases. With other hosting providers, I'd have to go into a control panel and create a basic database." -- John Guillory

"I really like what I saw on that link you sent, and now am even more interested in the next alpha / beta. I think you're going to make a lot of people happy with this product." -- Eric Pankoke

"this is a very nice approach to produce a development system that's not as intimidating as Apple's XCode / SDK. It already works quite well, given the early stage it is in. I particularly like the installation approach, very easy and very intuitive.

  • SQLite integration - seems to be very nice!
  • same goes for GPS integration!
  • Easy distribution of completed applications
  • IDE: already a nice start

    -- Thomas Gruber